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You can reach the Domizil am Park:

by car:

    from Stuttgart: A 81 and A 98 till Stockach, B 31 (direction Lindau), exit Kressbronn.

    from Ulm, B 30 via Ravensburg, B 467 direction Lindau, exit Kressbronn.

    from Munich, A 96 direction Lindau, exit Sigmarszell/Friedrichshafen, B 31, exit Kressbronn.

    from Zurich, N 7 till Kreuzlingen/Konstanz, car ferry Meersburg, B 31 direction Lindau, exit Kressbronn.

    from Austira via Munich, A 96 direction Lindau, exit Sigmarszell/Friedrichshafen or via

    Arlberg/Bregenz/ Lindau, B 31 direction Friedrichshafen, exit Kressbronn.

    In Kressbronn: direction Lindau, after kitchen store Block, before gas station OMV turn right entering the Seestraße.

    Aftrer app. 400m turn right to the Brühlstraße, after app. 50m right, entering the Parkweg

by train:

    InterRegio- or. Regionalexpress-connection from Basel, Freiburg, Offenburg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm,

    Augsburg via Friedrichshafen till Kressbronn train station.

    From Munich via Kempten/Lindau till Kressbronn.

    From Switzerland SBB track Basel/Lindau, connection to Kressbronn or till Romanshorn and continue by ferry(every

    hour) to Friedrichshafen, train connection to Kressbronn.

    From Austria via Munich/Ulm or ÖBB track via Bregenz/Lindau, connection to Kressbronn.

    From the station, it is a 5-minute-walk (Riedweg / Jahnweg / Seestraße) to the Parkweg.

by plain:

    flights to Friedrichshafen from Frankfurt, Cologne/Bonn, Berlin/Tegel, Hamburg, Münster/Osnabrück, Vienna,

    London/Standsted, Madrid and continue by regional train to Kressbronn (12 km).

    Click here for an up-to-date connection

    Flights to Allgäu Airport Memmingen from Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg, Berlin/Tegel, Bremen, Stockholm/Stavska,

    London/Stansted, Dublin, Girona and by hired car to Kressbronn (app. 90 km)


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