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§1 Permissions to gratuitous shared

The owner (we) allows the guest for the duration of his stay in his guest operating (GOP) the share-operated Internet access via WiFi. The shared use is revocable at any time and is granted as a gratuitous service of the GOP. The guest is not allowed to authorize third parties to use the Internet network. The operation of WLANs can be restricted by the owner at any time totally, partially or temporarily. Other co-users can be authorized by him. The owner may totally, partially or temporarily restrict or exclude access of the guest. At its discretion and at any time, the owner may lock lock access to distinct webpages or services (e.g. violent, pornographic or paid pages).

§2 Notes on dangers of using the Internet network

We encourage our guest to the fact that the traffic produced by using the Internet network may be unencrypted under certain circumstances. The data may be viewed by third parties. The Internet network only allows access to the Internet. The contents retrieved are not verified by the owner, especially not to see whether they contain malicious software (viruses, trojans, worms or that like). The owner would like to emphasize that there is a risk that malicious software can get onto your device when using the Internet network. Using the Internet network is on your own risk.

§3 Acess

The owner reserves the right at any time to be allowed to change access. All access data made available (user names, passwords, character combinations) are intended only for personal use of the guest and must not be disclosed to third parties. The guest is obliged to keep his access data secret. Guests can request a password at booking request.

§4 Liability

The guest indemnifies the owner of all damages and claims by third parties that are based on an unlawful use of the Internet network by the guest and/or on a breach of this agreement. This covers also the use of their defense related costs and expenses.

§5 Approval

With access to the Internet network via the WiFi, the guest agrees to these Conditions of Use.

§6 Written form

Other agreements as set out in this contract do not exist. Oral agreements were not met. The terms and conditions are accepted by bank transfer of deposit.

§7 Severability

Should one of the above described conditions be legally invalid, it will be replaced by a mutatis mutandis closest control. The other conditions remain unaffected and continue to be valid.

GTC WiFi Access Domizil am Park, 01/2015

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